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So I got a game titled "No One Can Stop Mr. Domino" for the PS1. As it turns out, it is really brutally hard. After I figured out what to do, it took me a half hour and various tries to complete level 1. Mr. Domino is an idiot. Seems the only way to make him stop is to have him run into other dominoes. The levels are like race tracks where you scatter dominoes so they fall on to certain places on the floor scattered about. And once Mr. Domino goes all the way around once, he goes around again to run into the dominoes you placed the first time around, so the "tricks" as they call it occur. Yes, it is as hard as it sounds. First of all, the trick floor boards are not marked very well. I thought there was one on the roulette table, but there wasn't. And despite the fact that you can go around "as many times as you want" (read: As many times as Mr. Domino's health meter isn't close to dead. Yes, there are enemies and running into them makes Mr. Domino sick apparently.) And then there are the dreaded reset tiles. Just walking on one ruins everything you've done on the course and you have to start over. And the title is a bit misleading. I can stop Mr. Domino. Stop playing, that is. The lady at the counter said "Oh, that looks like a cute game." If only she knew that Mr. Domino stinks.

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