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Pirates vs Ninjas?


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Normal threads vs Polls. Discuss.

A poll, by default, also has a normal thread attached. It gives a tally of opinions for people to judge, including lurkers who may not post to the thread. Much harder to guage opinion by posts alone. Unless it's one of those assinine Jaguar vs other 5th gen console threads that tend to crop up every month. :ponder:


As for pirates vs ninjas, I like movies with pirates; games with ninjas. :ahoy:

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I'm assuming that by Pirate you mean Jaguar and by Ninja you mean PlayStation.


Based on some discussions I had in the 1990s, I learned that the Jaguar just two 32-bit processors and 32+32 = 64-bit. The PS has five 32-bit processors, making it 160-bit.


You might think that means Ninja wins... but when you add in the untapped potential of the Jaguar, I think you have to go with Pirate. Case closed.


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Yeah, guns pretty much trump swords and throwing weapons... every time.


But ninjas have the art of stealth. Pretty hard to shoot someone you cannot see...


Pretty easy to bombard the entire coastline from your Buccaneer...

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