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I just picked up the Odyssey and all of its games. I was surprised to find that there isn't a lot on the internet about it. I did find one website where a guy was going through all of the Odyssey games and reviewing them, but he never got to any of the 1973 releases. I was disappointed to find out that there are homebrews for the system, but most of them are incredibly rare and it will likely be a long time before any of them become available via auction. The one exception is Red vs Blue, which was offered for free on the Revrob website.


From what I can find on the internet the homebrews are:


Odball Released by Revrob

Mentis Cohorts Released by Revrob (There seems to have been an issue with distribution on this one. Did anyone get a copy or was this something where no one got their order and therefore this doesn't actually exist?)

Red vs Blue Released by Revrob

Dodgeball Released by Atariland2600

Odyssey Evil Released by ManCaveArcade


There are these Homebrews in development:


Lava Monster by TheMichaelLant announced 2014 but no word since October. Appears to be abandoned.

Captain Bruce by Atariland2600 announced 2014 and confirmed still in development.

Hunting Adventure by ManCaveArcade announced 2013 and confirmed still in development.


What I'm interested in is if anyone knows of any homebrews not on this list. Does anyone know of any auctions for Odyssey homebrews or anyone who wants to sell one? Failing that does anyone have any of these games and would like to give a review? I'm interested in any information pertaining to them. There appears to be even less on the internet about the homebrews aside from several sites noting their existance.

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I will not go on a rant about Rev Rob as I told the atariage community im done. Most of us never got the game or got half of the game etc. So I really don't know if it is really a true homebrew or not. This is the first time I am posting this. njb and I had been working on releasing Soccer for the Magnavox odyssey. njb has nothing to do with the project anymore but was a huge help and I could have not done it with out him. It is really not a homebrew but soccer was never released for the US odyssey and never had a box etc. I have a box design and have had an overlay made.

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Sorry I didn't mean to change the subject of the post. In a couple of days I will do an interest check but not here. The Rev Rob homebrew I was referring to was Mentis Cohorts.

I understand that there were some major issues and there were a lot of disgruntled people from that one. I was just curious if anyone ever got a completed version of it.


We seem to be in a renaissance of sorts of Odyssey Homebrews. I just confirmation that one that seemed to have disappeared is still in development and announcements for two new ones in the last couple of weeks, including yours.

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