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Please help identify this Atari card

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Can someone help me identify this Atari card. I think it is an ACSI/SCSI adapter but I cannot find any pics or info identifying it. It looks similar to the SH204 but it is different. There are 50 pins on one side that fit an internal scsi ribbon cable and an ACSI on the other side. 8 pins on each side are wired through each resistor pack by the scsi side. I do not see any other wiring for parity or terminal power.

Any info on this card and how to use it would be greatly appreciated.



I did try connecting this to an IBM WDS3200 HD and also tried adding a parity generator using a breadboard but could not get the Atari to recognize a hard drive.



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Thanks for your help. Here are some better pictures.

I do not know anything about the board. I found it in a box of misc. Atari stuff

I purchased from someone a while ago. I would not know how to reach this person.

The board was in a tweety board box and I never knew it was in there until recently.

This board does resemble the SH204 but the acsi and scsi connectors were

along the narrower section of the PCB as opposed to the wider section like this one.



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it is similar to Mega STE internal ACSI-SCSI adapter, but with only 1 PAL instead 2 . Surely not SH205 or Megafile adapter, because they were not with with SCSI driver, but MFM/RLL drives.


Best what you can do is to try it with some SCSI drive and some freeware driver solution - like AHDI or ICD or mine ACSI driver. But that means to find suitable drive where can disable parity.

For instance some IBM drive of 2 GB . Will need some power supply, cables too.

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Thanks for the info:

I will look for scsi drive with parity jumper.

I know that I need to supply the HD with power from a molex but do I need to supply additional power to

the 4-pin mini-molex on the adapter. The notched piece is no longer on the mini-molex but

I can see two traces coming from it..one in the middle for ground and one on the end that I assume

will be the 5 volt rail.


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Thanks for the info. I have one more question just to make sure I have the orientation of the scsi pins correct.

If I am looking at my board with the chips on the top and the scsi pins facing me, the entire top row of 25 pins is connected to the ground from the mini-molex.

Am I right in asuming that the top left pin is 1 and the bottom left pin is 2? The bottom left 8 pins are connected to the first resistor pack in front of the PAL chip. The 5 volt rail goes to pin 8 on the resistor pack which is where pin 8 (from the bottom left) on the scsi also goes, which would be pin 16 as you stated. Does that sound right?


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