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80-column terminal program for *II+*?


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Let's say I wanted to use my 64K II+ as an 80-column terminal with my Videx VideoTerm card.

What would my best program be?

There are lots of programs out there for the 128 //e, //c, etc - I know that ProTerm is a popular one - but a II+ is what I'm working with. The VideoTerm card was the most popular 80-col card, at least.

Would anyone have any suggestions?

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ASCII Express worked marvelously! Amusingly, setting up the Linux end was more trouble than the Apple end - I've very little Linux experience and it took me way longer than it should have to realize that I needed to sudo the agetty command. (Linux always just popped me back to the command prompt with no error message, nothing.)


AE's big limitation is that it does VT52 emulation but not VT100. I was able to get VT100 working under DCOM 3.3 and Kermit, with some configuration tweaks.






As you can see, the video is crap because I'm using a TV, not a real monitor. The TV was perfectly adequate for everything other than 80-column work, but now I need something better. An Amdek Color-I? Sanyo VM 4509? Apple's own Monitor ///? Hmmm...


The Linux machine was just an old Compaq Armada E500 that my office was discarding. Pentium III, 256 MB RAM, 12 GB drive, more than enough for Ubuntu.






The cherry on top was that I got character input from the II+ working correctly with the help of this USENET post from 1985:
I'm so glad that all those old communications and publications are being preserved.
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Yeah, I prefer to go full-retro with a genuine old CRT monitor. I foolishly got rid of my 9" Sanyo VM 4509 a while back. Thought I'd snagged a Monitor /// on eBay for super-cheap... but now the seller's trying to back out of the deal. Bah!

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I would prefer a retro CRT ... BUT ... I paid like 70 bucks after tax for this thing and it runs my old video games, my xbox, my mac LC2, my commie and my apple //c which is doing component video on one convenient screen at top notch quality (but even with composite it matches a monochrome monitor II in quality + it does color when I want it to, I have a flip switch to force color killing in the IIc)


I could drag out my 1985 NEC multisync for pretty much all that and even get phosper ghosting but it needs a rebuild, eats a ton of power, has the ability to shock the piss out of you and even in 1990 when I got it, I called it "THE HEATER"


its all about you and your requirements though

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