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Rolling Thunder on Lynx


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I can now officially reveal what Frank Gasking did with the documents Scott Stilphen passed onto me which detailed Lynx Rolling Thunder and Vindicators.


They were used by Frank to conduct lengthy interviews with the coders of both titles, for the GTW book:




I've not seen either interview myself, so very much looking forward to them.

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Whilst i await the GTW book to be released, stumbled across some European Lynx press from the day. 


Rolling Thunder 




All mentioned, screenshots for first 2 in the article. 


Article not in my native tongue and doubt it is anything more than brief description of each game, but passed into GTW and UNSEEN64 to see if they can decipher the text and glean anything new from it. 

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The GTW Book gives the full, detailed account of what became of Lynx Rolling Thunder, but it's not giving too much away to state Frank can clear up the MYTH that Telegames had a finished version and never released it due to them being unable to obtain the licence. 



To quote from the book :


"The game was left with no music, 2 levels outstanding, a missing final boss battle, and some bug fixing and polish needed" 



As for the screenshots seen in vat catalogues.. 


These were from the NES version. 



Many thanks to Scott Stilphen and Frank Gasking for finally being able to bring closure to this title. 

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Chuck Ernst has confirmed with GTW, this is the original attempt by Matt Markwalder. 


Not the latter version Chuck, Joel Seider and Rob Mariani worked on, that's why it contains music. 



Again thanks to Frank Gasking for the updates. 




Sprite sheet etc here




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