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The Albatross Onuki-Mappy Shiramoto-Taizo Hori-Shun Nishimura Blog - Introd


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It was a warm night at the end of Spring. Syzygy Anema was playing Namco Museum: 50th Anniversary on her PS2. She was bored, having played most of the games on the collection. (She had yet to unlock Galaga '88 and Pac-Mania.) She decided to beat Rolling Thunder again. But when she got to it on the menu, the machine's screen was blank. She selected it anyway. The game loaded, and went to the title screen, but then the screen went black and the game returned to the menu. There was a blinding flash from the machine, which made Syzygy cover her eyes. After it faded, she opened her eyes...and there stood Albatross.

"Oh my god!" Syzygy cried, her face lighting up. "Hey, who are you?" Albatross asked. "My name is Syzygy Anema. I was playing Namco Museum on my PS2...and I selected Rolling Thunder...and then the screen went black...and..." Syzygy stuttered. "The name's Albatross Onuki. Nice to meet you," Albatross said. They shook hands. Syzygy excitedly squealed and grabbed the PS2 controller. She went over to select Mappy, but the machine's screen was blank, too. When she selected it, the title screen also glitched. It returned to the menu...another blinding flash...and Mappy stood there with Syzygy.

"MAPPY!" Syzygy squealed. "Hi! My name's Mappy Shiramoto! What's yours?" Mappy said. He sounds way too much like Doraemon, Syzygy thought to herself. "I'm Syzygy Anema. My PS2 is suddenly freaking out, now I have you and Albatross in the real world," she told Mappy. "Whoa! Never expected that!" Mappy replied. "Anyway, let's see who I can bring out next," Syzygy exclaimed. She selected Dig Dug from the menu and waited for the flash. When it happened, Taizo Hori got brought out.

"Hello, I'm Taizo Hori! Call me Dig Dug, the champion of love and justice!" Taizo proudly boasted. "Name's Syzygy. My PS2 is glitching and characters have been brought out into the real world," Syzygy responded. "I'll bring out one more," she thought aloud. She selected Bosconian from the menu. The same things happened, and a teenage boy with silver hair was brought out.

"Who is this?" the boy asked. "I'm Syzygy. And who are you?" "I am Shun Nishimura, Captain of the Bosconian," the boy answered. "Pleased to meet you." Syzygy shook Shun's hand. Shun has a Australian-British accent? Wow... Syzygy thought to herself. "Do you know why your PS2 is glitching?" Shun asked Syzygy. "I dunno," she replied. "Because you were chosen to wield the Outerscope Remote," Shun told her. "It is a remote that allows you to bring characters from arcade games into the real world. All you have to do is aim it at the machine you want and press fire. But take heed, some games only allow you to bring one character out." "Like who?" Syzygy asked. "If you aim it at Rolling Thunder, only Leila will be brought out. If you aim it at Pengo, only Pengo will be brought out," Shun said. "Oh..." Syzygy muttered.

"So anyways, where do you think we should go?" she asked the quartet. "We don't know," Mappy told her. "I have an idea! We can go to any arcade we come across!" Syzygy said. "Yeah!" Albatross replied.

And that was the start of Syzygy Anema's adventure through arcades...with the fabled Outerscope Remote.

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