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The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast - 01 - The Jaguar Story - Inception t


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My main reason for starting this blog was to have a place to upload documents referenced in the podcast, but not available elsewhere online. There will be links to this page in the show notes.

Game Calendar from the April, 1993 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly

Newspaper article from June 29, 1993, about the IBM contract

Newspaper article from August 23, 1993, about the Jaguar unveiling

Newspaper article from August 24 (or so), 1993, about fending off competition from 3DO

Newspaper article from August 28, 1993, about pricey new video game consoles

Atari Jaguar block diagram, taken from Atari Explorer Online Special Jaguar Edition. This file was originally a GEM image file, but just about nothing can read GEM .IMG files these days, so I converted it to a GIF and fixed the aspect ratio while I was at it.

Episode 1 ended up being far bigger than I was expecting, owing to the massive amount of great listener feedback. I weighed it, and it came out to be just about a ton. One ton of feedback. This episode has been edited and re-edited so many times, hopefully the final cut is glitch-free. *crosses fingers*

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