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High Score Competition (August: Battlot)


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14 hours ago, mizapf said:

BTW, does someone have "recipe" for round 3 of Car Wars?

I think it is in the video I posted earlier (that post has 2x videos). 

For round 3, start slow speed, then full speed, trying to get the cars on top of each other (but mostly I have them driving behind each other)

For round 4, it is easy to get them on top of each other.   If I have time I will try to do another one for video starting at level 3. 


For Level 5 it is a bit difficult to complete, but not impossible.

For Level 6 it is easier to get the cars on top of each other, easier to complete the level (and then it looks it keeps this setup/pattern for next levels).

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12 hours ago, Vorticon said:

Yes, that's kind of a weird concept...

I think the problem is in how the "high score" concept is computed (in the game!). The aim of the game is to win the duel (according to the manual), so to have a score higher than your opponent. Hence (as suggested by the manual) one should try not only to gain points, but also to avoid that the opponent gets points. In practice, to win the duel (especially against a human player), it should be important to block satellites deflected by the opponent towards your "camp".

In contrast, to achieve an high score, I think that one has only to concentrate in gaining points, i.e., in "attacking" and not on "defending". I remember that also back in the days I saw this as a problem of the game (yes I had this game when I was a kid, my only MBX cart... unfortunately it does not work anymore!)

A better "high score" would be the greatest difference between player and opponent scores. 


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On 11/13/2021 at 8:43 AM, Count9929A said:

however, as you can see, Saturn (aka TI99)

first of all I have to correct a mistake! the player controlled by the TI is called Jupiter! Saturn is the name of the other player in demo mode.

I was thinking that we could have a second competition, in which the winner is the player that gets the highest difference between his score and the opponent's score. It's a little uncomfortable to register score differences, but can be done looking at the screenshot of the game over screen. For instance, here it is my entry in this (possible) second competition: 54225 - 26000 = 28225.

Arcadeshopper did better in post 3302



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182000, MAME 60hz.




17 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

After playing a couple of games, I lack the attention span to reach a high score.

I see, it became a question of patience. That's why I was suggesting to consider (as second competition, maybe) not the high score but the difference between the score of the two players. I also post the picture of the highest difference I got so far, +80375.


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12 hours ago, Ksarul said:

Anybody capable of driving this game over 100,000 points is orders of magnitude better than I am. I don't think I've ever gotten over 10,000 points in this game, and I think I only ever broke that number once. . .

Don't shoot the red coloured meteors, it deducts points ?

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Count9929A. 182,000 with the highest score
to select the next game for December.
Vorticon 136,575
globeron 125,000
Jupiter (TI99) 98,975
arcadeshopper 86,025
mizapf 34,650
jwild 18,475
roadrunner 18,375
jbenkle 10,475
Thanks,@globeron !

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  • OLD CS1 changed the title to High Score Competition (August: Battlot)

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