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Need Hi-Res Scan of 5200 Trak Ball Box


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Hi, does anyone have a 5200 Trak Ball box that could scan the front for me? Specifically I am looking to get a high resolution scan of the stylized text "Arcade Action" that appears on the front.


If anyone could scan that portion and/or the whole portion with that text and the Centipede arcade machine on the back that would be great! I want to use that text for a project!


Here is what the front looks like: http://i1303.photobucket.com/albums/ag160/TrekMD/RVG%20Images/Atari%205200%20Track-Ball_zpswtd2mzhr.jpg


Here is the back: http://www.old-computers.com/museum/hardware/atari_5200_trackball_box_1.jpg





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Try this. This would be an easy conversion to inkscape/illustrator.




You are awesome! Thank you so much! I'm going to make a large sign with this to go in my arcade room. The 5200 was the first home console I ever owned. I now have the actual arcade machines for all the 5200 games I had when I was a kid. This sign will bring it all together! My username is ArcadeAction on other forums.

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Thanks again!


I've had this converted to a vector image, and printed it out and put on foam core. Finally, I cut it out with an X Acto knife and mounted it on my arcade wall. It is about 5 feet wide.


Pacman was the first game I owned on a home console, and it was for the Atari 5200 system. Each of the arcade ports to the 5200 had the text "Arcade Action" next to them in the original brochure. I now have all the real arcade games of the Atari 5200 games I had as a kid so this is a nice touch.



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