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Return of the Jedi Arcade


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Looks like somebody is really busting the sellers chops with the bids, you'll note the bidders (most, especially the current high-bidder) are all new (0) accounts...


Hey if anybody is looking for a bargain, I just sold a Return of the Jedi missing the header and needs some P/W work to a guy in VA for $250, maybe he'll resell it for $7,000K :D :D :D


Seriously, a really good shaped ROTJ goes for about $250-$750 depending on condition.


Anybody want an original Pong Coin-op in PERFECT condition??? I've got a spare one, first $100K takes it! ;-) :D

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What's the gameplay like?


Well, aside from NE146 displaying his obvious dislike of it, I spent quite a few quarters on it. It's set in 3/4 3D, and is divided into a few different stages, being on the Ewok planet (forget the name), where you're playing Luke flying on a speederbike. Flying through big hollow logs can earn you points, as well as flying past a trap manned (beared?) by an Ewok or two at just the right moment if you've got a Stormtrooper on your tail will cause him to pull a rope tight and nail the Stormtrooper. The Stormtroopers can shoot you, though, if you're not careful, and later stages on that planet will pit you as Chewbacca inside the stolen AT-ST, where you shoot rolling logs.


The other stage pits you as Lando in the Millenium (sp?) Falcon, where it plays pretty much the same as the speeder chase scene, but instead you're flying around in the Death Star. Once you shoot the core, you have to make it back out before it blows up, which is pretty hard. Here you can score points by knocking T. I. E. Interceptors into the Death Star walls. After that it all repeats.


You can check out some photos and additional info here:



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On 4/9/2003 at 1:41 PM, NE146 said:

That game is far from rare.. and what more, it sucks! :roll:


It got no plays at our local arcade.. give it a run in mame and you'll see why....



Some old timers on this thread (RIP Curt) . . . I chose to dig it up because I wanted to talk about RotJedi (again).


I played an upright RotJ this weekend at a nearby arcade.  For years I haven't been able to get a real good fix of playing this game.  I remember it being much more fun than it actually is in MAME and whenever I see it on the floor somewhere.  Besides that at least one of the thumb buttons always seems to be broken, I FINALLY figured out that the game requires the operator to enter the service menu to set the game settings to the recommended default.  There are no dip switches, so if this game has been restored without the service switch or the service exit button then you can't set it up properly.  Even though the game manual says otherwise, the default game configuration is to offer NO EXTRA LIVES . . . EVER.  This obviously sucks and gives you almost no reward to keep playing.  HOWEVER, if you adjust the settings, you can play as the designers intended.  5 starting lives, medium diff, extras at 40k.  This matches pretty closely to the ST and Amiga versions and makes it a much more rewarding experience.  I actually got Chewbacca to the shield generator for the first time that I can ever remember (on the arcade version) last night.

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