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Zarlor on a Cali Games cart?


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after finally having replaced my broken Lynx II (bought in 1993 I think) with a superb boxed Lynx II, I am really enjoying some of the old games again. As part of the deal came a load of carts, including California Games.


Now here's the funny thing: the cart has the Cali Games label on it (looks original too), but the game on the cart is Zarlor Mercenary!


Why would anyone change the label on this or what's the story here? Sounds highly unusual. Or is something like this common enough?


PS: cool forum, have been reading it for a while but finally joined now.



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To me it seems there are "wrinkles" in the top left corner. And on the left side you can see a very small part of the PCB meaning the label is a little bit too far to the right which I've not seen on any of my carts. I would say someone removed the label and put it back on the wrong cart.



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