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New game port: Bobby Bearing


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Here comes my next C64 to Atari 8bit port: Bobby Bearing. This is a WIP version with some issues (for example incorrect graphics in first screen of the game) as well as missing optimizations, but at this moment game is fully playable. Developed and tested under Altirra only, but expected to work on real hardware too.









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Works really well, maybe too fast...


It is faster than C64 due to faster CPU etc. but I don't have a feeling that gameplay is faster. The trouble is, that this game doesn't sync with VBL but instead it runs as fast as it can, so there will be differences.


By "missing optimizations" I was referring to screen drawing routine which happens when player enters new room - it is very slow and annoying. I will take look if it can be done better.

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Very nice indeed :thumbsup: :thumbsup: nice that you don't fall off the edges too :thumbsup:

As above - space bar locked & too fast on several screens. I got stuck here but maybe this was a trap...


Figured escape to end your go but takes a while to restart and the key repeat is not cancelled.


The PAL artifacting is nice (130XE/CRT)


Look forward to the next version ;-)

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