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RMT instruments?


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Since no one replied, I'm going to revive this thread - is there a source for RMT instruments? Some of use that are less "experimental" and just want to create music would benefit - as would the RMT community. I'm curious, because I could never replicate the rock guitar in @analmux's "Instrumentarium" for example, but would be a nice addition to a song I might put together.



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In between the ones included with the PC-based RMT editor and the fact you can just save them from RMT compositions, isn't that plenty?

Generally if you're doing a "different" piece of music you're likely to want an ADSR profile that's uniqe to your creation.


Saving them from RMT compositions would be fine - you can build your own library locally, but seems many post either a video or .xex files. Personally, I wouldn't have the desire to create something like the electric guitar sound, but I'd certainly like to use it.


On that note - I tried editing some sounds with the editor, is there are way to "test" it in the editor? I wasn't having much luck.


****EDIT - I did see @analmux posted Instrumentarium in .RMT format, good stuff!

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A good source of music is ASMA.

To extract music from SAP files you can use WASAP http://asap.sourceforge.net/

which besides playing the music allows you to save music as source format (just make sure the music is composed in RMT - just go to "File information..." and press "Save as..." button).


Happy hunting! :)


Edit: Sorry - the links should be OK now..

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