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Feedback Needed on New 2600 Web Show Sample


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Hey Everyone, I have finally had some time to spend in front of the computer and I have created a pilot for my upcoming web show based on the Atari 2600 Encyclopedia. I went ahead and posted it in the hopes that I can get some feedback. It is rough in a couple of spots, such as the gameplay footage changing quality and the voice over being a little weak, and those things will be fixed when I do the final version. Specifically I want to know what you all think of the content, the way the show is set up, and if there is anything else you think I should include in the show. This episode runs 3:19, and all the episodes will be in the 3-4 min range. Thanks!


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Nice! Really like that you included the reference to the Sears release, pack-in comic book and overview of the manual. For games with other pack-ins such as controllers (Star Raiders, Omega Race etc.), or templates (Space Shuttle), would you consider displaying them?


Thanks for deciding to put this web show together.

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Hey man, I would watch that show all the time... Well done, and I look forward to additional episodes!!! It is objective and informative... A breath of fresh air and a departure from the cookie-cutter angry video game reviewers on YouTube.


BTW... If you're taking requests, I would like to see GORF done. ;)

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