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Cafeman's Blog - Snake Bait - not gonna happen


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Almost all of my plans for new homebrew games never came to fruition. But it's fun to design games. In fact, the design is way more fun than the coding, to me.

One was Snake Bait. Here is the description:

SNAKE BAIT! Crush opponents and devour morsels for big points as you
search for a hot rock to sleep upon! Bite, squeeze, coil and jump to

Description: Pressing action button makes snake leap left or right to cross
streams or attack enemies. If you hit an enemy while in attack spring
state, you'll hurt it and eventually stun it,. Touch stunned enemy to coil
up on it. (note - coils move (brown part reverses/alternates)). You must
then alternate left-rights to crush an enemy. Some take more than others.
Some will only be coiled-upon if they are "Caught unaware" -- looking in
other direction, etc. Or maybe you must catch an enemy in the middle of
your biting leap attack. Some enemies will take more of these lunges to
"stun". If you touch a stunned enemy you auto-coil around it. :) But evil
water puddle may cause you to stun an enemy and leave before crushing it,
causing it to undo its stun after time limit. The timer could be dawn to dusk – you lose if not done with a level by the time night falls.

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