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Cramming stuff into or on the TI console...


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Okay, there are a few things one can jam into the TI's console:


1) Mathew's F18A enhancement

2) Tursi's PS/2 keboard adapter

3) 32K menory expansion (multiple methods)

4) A Speech Synthesizer


The are also a couple of other modifications one can perform like:


1) Reset Button

2) Speed Enhancement (XTAL MOD)

3) Alpha Lock Fix (Diode)


So is there anything NEW or GREAT we could come up with as a "MODERN / CURRENT" project to get us through this coming fall and winter season?


I always have ideas, not all of them are viable (for various reasons), for instance I'd love to see an internal version of a SAMS card instead of just 32K but I doubt that will ever happen simply because most people do not want to solder on their console.


Out of the console I'd like to see a SSHD built into the confines of the speech synthesizer case, that way everyone could use it, no matter what their configuration is, whether is be the basic console, Nano/CF7 or P-Box. The odds of that being built are nearly non-existent as well. Although this one I believe is the most practical and possible.


So, what would YOU like to see in the future?




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I'd love an SD card reading version of the ubergrom cart, and a small side-car version of the SAMS. Nothing in the console, 'cause that will limit it to a soldering-ready crowd. Nothing for the PEB, 'cause that would limit it to the PEB-owning crowd (I own one, but don't have the space to run it).

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Yes, but I want an SD reading cartridge (I don't mind the CF card for the CF7+), to test and run new cartridge games I plan on writing :). Also, it'd serve as the multicard to end all multicards: want a games compilation? Throw some games on the SD card. Want an educational software compilation? Ditto... Without the need to keep buying carts or to burn EPROMs.


Something like the Mega Everdrive: http://shop.krikzz.com/Mega-EverDrive-v2-MEGAV2.htm

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Your link is not working, but I do understand what your wanting. It would be nice to have file access from the grom port.


The link was accurate, I think it's a glitch with Atari Age's software. Sometimes just plopping a link on a line with something else does not work properly. When that happens, a quick cut & paste works. In any event, << CLICK HERE >>


Oh yeah, +1 :-D

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I'd love an SD card reading version of the ubergrom cart, and a small side-car version of the SAMS. Nothing in the console, 'cause that will limit it to a soldering-ready crowd. Nothing for the PEB, 'cause that would limit it to the PEB-owning crowd (I own one, but don't have the space to run it).


Yeah! A sidecar version of the SAMS in the speech case WOULD be a great addition for everyone across the upgrade spectrum. Those without expansions would get the benefits, and those with P-Boxes could open up a slot for future or other uses, truly a win-win.


From a design angle, I can see that as a secondary plug-in for a SSHD board in the speech synthesizer case. Traces could be added to the main PCB that supported a socket for a secondary layer (kind of like how Matthew did the F18A). Essentially two upgrades for one little case.


Something like this if made, I think it would probably have to have a SWITCHABLE ability to simulate DSK1 because I think some people having SAMS & SSHD capability might not want, or need, to upgrade any further, but they would require DSK1. capability to run some software. Being able to switch or jumper it off would be a requirement for those with expanded systems.

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how about a couple of more joystick ports that are specifically wired for Atari. This way no one woulid have an extra peice of hardware dangleing off the side for Atari joysticks.


I beleive there is plent of space to do this. Of course this would require some basic soldering skills.

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I've always admired the internal 3rd party expansions of the amiga 500 and a1000. Popping out CPUs that were intelligently placed in sockets, and attaching daughter boards. I was digging about in atari land wondering how those evolved... and I saw a horror...



Now, what this computer was evolved to was impressive, but I feel it lost the essence. With the guts hanging out, I'm saddened. So, I like the idea of keeping it tidy...


My Atari joystick adapter doesn't doesn't exactly dangle (tidy), but it could be smaller.



Doing anything inside the console requires soldering it into something. There just aren't many internal points of connection on the TI.

  • keyboard
  • cartridge port

So if the target is the soldering adverse, then external is probably critical. However, there have been impressive efforts in recent history with the UberGrom and other cartridge boards. (Being fanciful) Maybe an UberGrom atmega chip inside on a replacement for the right-angle grom adapter. Maybe it is wired up to hide itself if a cartridge is plugged in... maybe it has 512k ram banking at the cartridge rom that also hides in the face of real cartridges. And maybe it acts a lot like a gram-kracker or hsgpl. Of course that could all exist outside first.




Maybe an UberGrom chip inside providing a place to program one or more GPL DSRs to drive an i2c bus to connect to more off the shelf stuff to cleanly attach 'on' the console, like interfacing to a Raspberry PI to access storage or ethernet ( eliminating the UDS10? )

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on my main TI, I am using almost 3 PEBs with different configurations, by plugging them in and out every time as needed.

(Yes, there are more TI´s, but they have their own, "fixed" PEB each)


What I sometimes would like to see is something like the Navarone-widget, but for the SidePort.

Means, a switch for the SidePort (not a bus which merges the PEBs together)

But I assume that there is a very small amount of users only, who maybe could benefit from,

so I stop dreaming now :)


Another fine thing could be a splitcable (Y-cable) for the SidePort, means a bus, for connecting

more devices at a time (PEBs, Miner2049er a.s.o.), as often discussed here in the forum.

I have orderd something like that, so will have a look next time.


Maybe another possibility for that is a type of flexbuscable, which can be plugged into the PEBs,

on both sides of its end ? So you could make this/a connection between the PEBs,

and not by any type of splitcable/Y on the SidePort-side....

Would mean to loose 1 more slot in PEB#1 (PEB#2 is plugged into PEB#1 and not to the "splitted" TI-SidePort)

but could be a much more better cable-handling on the desktop, an more bus-stability, maybe.....


♪♫ Dream on ♫♪ :)

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ah yes, thats what I am waiting for :) (and a pile more from IEC) :)



Quan Item No. Description Price Extension
---- ----------- ------------------------------- -------------- ----------------
1 L1170 TI99/4a Cartridge Port Extension 8 inches
2 L1172 TI99/4a Side Port Extension 16 inches
1 L1173 TI99/4a Side Port Splitter 16 inches

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