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DynaCADD Question

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I have a version of DynaCADD which is something like 2.06 and is copywriter 1989 or 1990. I'm looking to find out what the version number is for their latest ATARI release. I read it was in 1993 and Falcon030 compatible. Does anybody know what this version number is? If so, where I can find a copy (I have a dongle/key, so it doesn't have to be cracked)?

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Can't answer the Rev atm. There is a patch airc called something like ''falcon256'' allowing DC to run on the Falcon. Side by side (1995) recall it ran cleaner on the TT than the Falcon, airc menus were problematic on the Falcon. The TT had a big Moniterm, didn't have a graphic card for the Falcon then. Moving everything around the house, think I can get to the and check REV, will post that later. Maybe someone knows where the files are at, don't think updates were patches, would have to read a disk to be accurate.

Yes, I give terrible a answers :)

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