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The Official 2015 INTELLIGENTVISION Catalog


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Hey, Rev. Something to consider for IntelligentVision. A google search for their brand always pulls this up as the second hit.




I don't know but it might behoove them, business-wise, to try to delete that page or otherwise remove it from google. Just a thought. Since I was thoroughly confused about the out-of-business/in-business situation until I saw Rick Reynolds at a retro gaming event and he helped clarify it for me. Actually, he muddied my understanding even more ;) , but at least he confirmed that there are new IntelligentVision titles being released.

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Do I have to sign up to the newsletter to get one of these awesome catalog?


Gasp! !! You aren't on the newsletter? ?? Lol



Ill probably offer in this thread as well.


But in case:




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