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Lynx HSC 2015 Round 8 Qix


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The Atari Lynx high score club round 8 of 8 game is Qix

post-22103-0-96381700-1441178249_thumb.png post-22103-0-04703800-1441178261_thumb.png

Deadline to post scores is October 1st 12PM EST 2015

Settings - Default 1 Player

Lynx high score club record is -
392,394 By PFG 9000
Bust it for one bonus point

Side challenge -
Play another version of Qix for 1 bonus point
One point per person

darthkur 98,246 (Gameboy) +1 point
doctorclu 67,897 (Atari 5200) +1 point

Bonus - Make up Rounds
Play a game that you missed this season for 3 points per game
Do the side challenge for those rounds for 1 point per round/challenge

doctorclu -

Todd's Adventures In Slime World 476,900 +3 points
Batman Returns 49,300 +3 points
Raiden 21,640 +3 points
Joust 48,100 +3points
Super Skweek 3,980 +3 points
Rygar 65,060 +3 points
Joust (Atari Jaguar) 55,550 +1 point
post picture of slime +1 point


Chip's Challenge 5,400 +3 points
Robotron 214,450 +3 points
Batman Returns 12,600 +3 points
Todd's Adventures In Slime World 1,400,000 +3 points
Rygar 35,810 +3 points
post picture of slime +1 point

darthkur -

Raiden 4,730 +3 points

Final high scores -

114,154 darthkur +11 points +3 points
89,158 BadPricey +10 points
62,668 jblenkle +9 points
51,678 doctorclu +8 points
36,326 roadrunner +7 points
30,876 S.BAZ +6 points

Current season point standings -

darthkur 77 points
StijnDW 69 points
MrBland 33 points

jeremiahjt 25 points
jblenkle 43 points
doctorclu 16 points

roadrunner 61 points
Nyuk 15 points
AtarinDave 15 points
NIKON 12 points

S.BAZ 8 points

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post

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Added a Bonus challenge


Bonus - Make up Rounds

Play a game that you missed this season for 3 points per game


Hey can we also do the side challenge by playing the games listed on another platform for an extra point?

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Todd's Adventures in Slime World (Fun game)





"Post a picture of slime for 1 bonus point.
One point per person."


You Can't Do That on Television (make a DVD someday!!)




(Click Picture for moving gif image)

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I suppose it is a matter of personal preference. I tend to get really into retro things in the later half of the year, primarily when the holidays come around and I have more time.


I don't begrudge other times of the year by any means. I always tend to get busy, but that is where I need to suck less and stay consistent in the game playing. :D


Overall just nice to have some game to play at whatever point in the year.

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