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Sega model 1 and 32x stereo sound question


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If i use the headphone jack on my sega model 1 while playing 32x games am I "missing out" on sound generated from the 32x (if it even does generate sound)? I have read that the av output from the model 1 only outputs mono.


I also have a sega CD, how do you get sound from the sega cd, sega genrsis and sega 32x? Which output has the sound output from all 3 systems?

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The 32x overlays video on top of the RGB output. It also mixes it's own sound effects on top of the Genesis audio but few games used it I believe. You will need to splice the headphone output into the link cable to get stereo sound. I don't own a 32X so I cannot help you with pinouts but it may be more convenient/economical to splice your own cables than to buy original stock.


I generally set the headphone volume to 5 when I output to auxiliary sound source. 10 will overdrive most aux inputs or amps. My Genesis is the dreaded Model 1 VA7 with audio that sounds like it passed through a grunge guitar filter. Only the mono sound output is distorted on VA7s for whatever reason. The headphone stereo is super clean. I rolled my own AV cable with a 5-pin MIDI cord spliced to a shielded RCA. Ground is the bottom. Composite and audio are left and right pins, I forget which is which. I don't use the audio end and source from the phone jack. But you will need an 8-pin DIN connector to access RGB outputs which the 32X requires. 8-pin DINs are not the easiest plug/cable to procure. I should know. I had a helluva time finding extension cables for my TurboGrafx controller. I finally settled on an overkill 16 foot Crutchfield Audio extension (proprietary cable used for marine and car audio applications) which worked flawlessly.


You could always mix it up. Pump the headphone output to a stereo system and the 32X output to your TV set to see if there's much difference or missing effects.

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