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Atari Flashback 5 won't work with my devices

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Hi, I tell you my story. :)

I live in Hungary and we have usually PAL televisions (I have only old ones) and I bought the Flashback 5. The shop is local, so I never tought it could be NTSC. I have a 40 years old Videoton TV (okay, it's aged well and works perfectly with older consoles like my Atari 2600) with only a scart and a coax input, and I have an LG DR4810 that I use for recording the gameplay (I divide the coax signal for both the TV and the recorder). I tested the Flashback on another TV, there it gives black and white picture (because of the format problems) but I can't get it to work with the DVD recorder via tha RCA input.


So there are many questions:

-If I buy an PAL <<>> NTSC encoder, will it slow down the signal? As I plugged first my Atari 2600 into the DVD recorder and then it gave the signal to the TV via scart and it made the signal delayed and that makes many games unplayable, so I fear including another device into the way would make it delayed again.
-Can it be the the Flashback has analog signal and the dvd recorder can accept digital only?

-Can I somehow put the RCA signal into the coaxial/RF?


Thanks if you can help me. :)

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