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On a happier note, I finally one credit cleared Ninja Gaiden


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I didn't think that I could ever do it, but with enough practice, it happened.


I only lost maybe two lives the entire game. When I defeated Jaquio, I had one health left. It was so sweet. Then I was intent on not messing up on the third form.


It feels so good to 1cc a challenging game like this.


Playing this game has given my Logitech pad a work out.



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Thanks, guys.


The two hardest stages in the game are 5-2 and 6-2. These are the stages that can still give me trouble. 5-2 has the trickiest jump in the game that you have to make while also dealing with a bird. 6-2 has all manner of bullsh!t and just throws everything at you. I hate those rocket ninjas.


For anyone still having trouble with Jaquio, I finally arrived at the simplest method that worked for me. Keep moving around in order to dodge his fireballs. When you can, hop onto either platform and then onto the wall. When you have room to attack him while also not bumping into him (he'll be slightly past the center of the screen), jump at him and slash. Ideally this should result in you nailing him and his fireballs missing you. You can kind of lock him into a pattern this way. Rinse and repeat. You might get hit by the fireballs, but that's okay. Just don't bump into Jaquio. It's so easy to start messing up on this guy. You'll think that you have him beat, and then you accidentally bump into him a few times and you're back at 6-1.

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I told you that with practice, you can do it. You'll become even more consistent with it the more you play it. And I am sure you will play it more! Ninja Gaiden, despite being "tough" at first, is just fun to play, so you might find yourself continuing to get better without even really thinking about it.


Playing on your NES will probably make it even easier.

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