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atari2600land's Blog - Yum! part 2


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It took a while, but I solved that problem I was having with the mouth...for now. I want to make a smaller mouth for the in-game part. Instead of a 4x4 tile mouth, I'd like to make a 2x2 one. That's next in my game. Erasing the Yum! and the big mouth on the screen and replacing it with a smaller mouth that moves around when the control pad is pressed, even up and down. Ever since I got the Master System, I've spent more time programming it than I have playing it. Oh, and I got the mouth to face the right way. At the title screen you can move the mouth left or right. I guess just to see if I could do that in preparation for the actual game programming. SMS Power! is a strange website. They keep wanting to verify I'm not a robot for every single post I make. If I wasn't a robot when I joined, why would I switch to being a robot after I joined and made a couple posts? Oh well.

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