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Sound TRS-80 Model 4


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I have a TRS-80 Model 4 with two floppy drives, picked up a cassette cable on eBay just to get audio out. I have plugged it into some powered speakers and having tested with the dancing demon and some games, but no sound. I have not checked continuity on the cable, but it was supposedly tested already. Is there a common failure point with the Model 4 and its cassette port? I am new to the TRS-80. I have had to re-solder the video power connections, adjust some pots etc to get the machine up, so this is just the latest wrinkle ;-) Any tips from TRS-80 users are appreciated.



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Check the DIN plug in back. It's possible a wire broke off when assembling the cabinet. Also look inside the sockets and make sure each metal prong is in place. I had one push in and pop out from the rear of the plug.


You also may just need to pull the cassette cable plug out slightly from the speaker jack as you have a monaural plug going into a stereo jack.

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Well after checking out this site http://www.8bit-micro.com/data-cable.htmit turns out the cassette cable I purchased on eBay had the data out wired backwards. I switched it around but the audio is very low, almost like it is not there (I had to put my ear up to the speaker, and can barely hear it). This is on an M-Audio amp that is turned up all the way, anything else I could be missing here?

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