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FA: CH F #19, ECPC TI Cart, MTE 201 TEST Cart, Numb Thumb vol. 2


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FA: CH F #19, ECPC TI Cart, MTE 201 TEST Cart, Numb Thumb vol. 2


Random goodies I listed a few days ago
NO International Sales Sorry (you can blame the Postal Service and PayPal for this issue)


Channel F # 19 CHECKERS CIB (The best condition I have ever found)



TI99/4A ROMOX ECPC ANT EATER (Has torn label)

White MTE-201-TEST CARTRIDGE with instruction sheet (opened but still have original plastic bag is sold in)

Blue MTE-201-TEST CARTRIDGE Only (I do have a link to download pdf manual)


IMAGIC NUMB THUMB Club News Magazine Vol. 2, 1983 (Great Condition has not been handled much at all and it shows)

INTELLIVISION Dr. Pepper French Canadian PROMO PIN back (Looks to have yellowed with age over the years but otherwise looks great)

DUKESW of HAZARD Original Atari Production Board & Chip (will work as is but can also put in a re-used blank 2600 cart case if requested)

NES Game Players/Collectors I have a bunch (more to come) PAL Complete in Box Great Condition games that will
work on the US TOP LOADER NES (These do not have regional look outs) So if you are looking for nice games to add
to your collection here is your chance (btw I don’t ship International only USA ADDRESSES)


My items for sale List:


My Store Link:



Thanks for looking, any questions please ask




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