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Centipede - Namco Font


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Since I don't have an AtariMax cart, what actual hacks are involved? From the old linked thread, it almost sounded like the 8-bit "original" was a hack of the commercial 5200 version backported to A8 and then further hacked...


It's kinda like "what comes around goes around" but in a good way.

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This game doesn't work for me for some reason. I get a blank black screen. This is with a 4 port 5200 with an Atarimax SD multicart. I've downloaded it a couple times to make sure it isn't a bad download. Your Dig Dug worked without any problems.


I've only tested it in the emulator Altirra, since I don't own a 5200. So maybe someone else here can comment about running it on real hardware.

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