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Why are the Atari/Sega controller exstenions so exspensive?


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I'd like to know the same thing. You can buy an entire aftermarket controller for the Genesis (and for various other consoles) for less than $4, free shipping, and those not only have a DB9 cable, but the rest of the controller as well, which includes various molded plastic parts, a PCB, rubber dome switches, and screws; obviously far more expensive to manufacture than just a DB9 extension cable. Those Chinese factories probably crank out those extension cables at a cost of about 10 cents each, and I have no idea why everyone seemed to get together and decide to target them for massive markup.


Edit: Better yet, how about this? An entire Sega Genesis clone console with two controllers, AC adapter, AV cables, manual, and printed box for $5.55 to $6.55 each if you order at least 1,000 of them. It just goes to show how dirt cheap this stuff really is. I think a better estimate for actual manufacturing cost of the controller extension cables is 1/10th of a cent.

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Because people buy "Genesis cable extension cord".

That's like on the Framemeister, with people blowing 15$ on a "RGB SCART cable with separate sync" when the same cable without all the sync mumbo-jumbo cost 3,50$ :D


Go on ePay or a computer store and ask a DB9 male to female extension cord. As long as it's fully wired, it's the same thing that those expensive cord, missing the ass-ripping tag price.

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My guess is the cost is high since they are probably the most in demand extension cable out there, next to ones made for nintendo consoles... so many old systems use DB9. Besides the Sega players, many people are discovering that older systems like Atari 2600, Colecovision and Intelllivison can all be extended using straight-thru DB9 cables, they're going to be popular..

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Hey guys. Thanks for all the replies. I ended up order two of these today:




I will try to remember to update you when they come how they worked and the quality. I will probably order a few more if they are decent.


I wanted to have about 4 of them to pass between all my systems.


FYI they are black as well!

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