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Red/Blue 3D game demo


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Hello all! I made a simple demo of a 3D game. You'll need a pair of red/blue 3D glasses to see the effect.


There is one stationary sprite, one moving sprite, and a fixed background. All are at different depth levels. You can move one sprite with the joystick, and adjust the depth level by holding fire + up or down.


I don't think I'm going to do anything with this - most people don't have 3D glasses lying around, and the effect sort of gives me a headache after awhile. So I'm going to chalk this up as "not a great idea" and move on to programming something else. But just for posterity's sake, here's the .bin file.


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Overlap the sprites and I think it would work a bit better just for the characters. I'm definitely getting the 3D from the playfield though! I like it. The blocks blend very well and do seem to pop out of the screen a bit. Thanks for a reason to use my good ol' clip on 3D lenses. :thumbsup:

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I always wanted to do a red blue 3D game.

I know it would not be to sell.

To get the effect right, you have to make the game dark, and adjust the dislay so it is dark, or you get bleed through and the depth falls apart.


Maybe something simple like Carnival, but with far, mid, and close levels, and not too far and too close that the levels break up the depth effect?

Even simplified, you would have left/right, and up/down would move close, mid, and far.

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