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Color Stack Mode and 64 GRAM Shapes?

First Spear

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In Color Stack mode, each tile in the BACKTAB can display any of the 256 GROM tiles, or any of the 64 GRAM tiles. The GRAM is limited to 64 distinct tiles due to its size (512 bytes = 64 tiles x 8 bytes).


There's no interrelationship between the different tiles in the 240 BACKTAB positions. The only restriction is that if you want to use a 'pastel' foreground color (colors 8 - 15), the tile must come from GRAM.


(Note: 'tile' means roughly the same thing as 'card' or 'character' in various other documentation. Here, I use it to refer to the pictures in GRAM and GROM.)

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You can use the 256 GROM cards and the 64 GRAM in colorstack mode. Also you can use the Color Squares in that mode too. Mix and match to fill 240 tiles.

BG/FG is more restricted, but I find it a bit more colorful if you're only going to use the first 64 GROM and 64 GRAM. I'm using both Colorstack and BG/FG in one of my project. Colorstack mode for the gameplay since I need the screen cycling colors by poking the colorstack register, and BG/FG mode for cutscene since I'll be using the GRAM mostly for the tiles and sprites but use the uppercase text to tell the narrative.

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Hey all. I need a memory refresher. With Color Stack Mode, can 64 different backtab images display on a screen in addition to GROM backtab images, or is the rule that only 64 different titles in total can display regardless of GROM or GRAM source?





Find yourself a copy of IntyMapper - a forumer here made it. It's insanely handy for those times when you can't remember what display mode goes with what cards, or what colors you can use, etc.


It has a bunch of other usefulness as well, but I leave it open literally as a cheat sheet for this sort of thing, for when I forget or get tired.

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8 minutes ago, Gemintronic said:

Yeah.  I was searching for more information on the color stack mode and failed to switch tabs.  I apologize to the original poster (and  DZ-Jay).  Don't think I can delete posts either.

Haha.  No worries.  Thanks for the image.  I was thinking more of a background scene for a game, so that people can relate to it in a tutorial.



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