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Lynx HSC 2015-2016 Round 1 Rampage


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Welcome to the new season of the Atari Lynx high score club
This season is 8 months long
First up the the arcade classic Rampage

Rampage hasn't been played in the Lynx high score club since 2009!

post-22103-0-60445200-1443732242_thumb.png post-22103-0-31019000-1443732255_thumb.png

Settings - Default

Deadline to post scores is November 1st 2015 @ 12PM EST

Lynx high score club record is -
EricDeLee (3,079,925)

Bust it for one bonus point!

Side challenge -

Play another version of Rampage for 1 bonus point.
One point per person.

1,000,000 (Rolled The Score) (Atari 7800) oyamafamily +1 point
33,830 (MAME) roadrunner +1 point
1,150 (DOS) StijnDW +1 point

Final high scores -

561,080 StijnDW +11 points +3 points
252,725 darthkur +10 points
215,000 BadPricey +9 points
127,800 roadrunner +8 points
60,225 jblenkle +7 points

Current season standings -

None Yet!

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post!

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ATARI 7800 RAMPAGE (Ralph Monster) - 1,180,000 (Rolled The Score at 2:36:18 mark in the video below)




STATISTICAL TABLES (Click on the table to see details of my gameplay recorded in the video above):

post-24681-0-82724300-1444670540_thumb.png post-24681-0-10892600-1444670548_thumb.png


Video and statistical tables sent to Roadrunner

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