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Transformers: Devastation Review


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Okay - got to sit down and play a few hours of TD tonight. If you were thinking of getting it, it is worth it! Alot of fun. Learning curve is nearly perfect. They add stuff at just the right moment. No framerate issues. Beautiful picture. The OST is awesome. The voice over acting is nearly perfect. Just so much to do. I feared it would be repetitive but even though its a button masher in alot of ways, if really feels like you have alot of control for as much that's going on. Easy to walk away from and come back and jump right in again.


You know, it really does feel like the linear games of the 90s in many ways. Think TMNT, Streets of Rage, that type of linear fighting that keeps your attention s long as you keep advancing.


Cons: Side missions are sometimes confusing with regards to mission and camera control takes some getting use to. Not sure on replay value yet as I'm still playing through it but I can imagine it would awesome with friends. Wish there was an online battle mode maybe??? There might be and I haven't explored it.


9/10 - I'm very stingy with above 9 so this is a really great game in my book. 3rd favorite of the xbone behind MKX and Titanfall


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