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heads up. sellers not specifying repros.


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I've been a silent collector for a long time. I have many collectible titles including a real asterix and rubik's cube. I check all my high profile carts by cartridge flexing to remove/check the pcb when possible.

I've been prompted to make an account and my first posting because I've been running into more and more unspecified repros by sellers. Example below is a quadrun which I purchased without fully examining. I should have noticed the missing 000020 at the bottom. It shipped as a peculiar grey, not foil. this was hard to determine in the photos before purchase. The seller then went on to relist the item. I've watched the listing through several purchase cycles after getting mine. I've also run into repros of halloween and texas chainsaw massacre from etsy.com witch were even harder to determine.

http://ld-nn.net/images/WP_20151005_22_25_31_Pro.jpg<--- flex cart +pcb
http://ld-nn.net/images/WP_20151005_22_25_39_Pro.jpg<--- front pcb
http://ld-nn.net/images/WP_20151005_22_26_49_Pro.jpg<--- back pcb

I won't post the specific listing, as to avoid direct accusations. I simply want people to be aware and perhaps double check these details that I overlooked in this purchase.


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Without even clicking on the individual pics (using a phone to browse right now anyway), I can tell by the pic in this thread, that this is obviously a repro. Label not foil, incorrect font and sizing, screenshot art too large, etc.


If in doubt on this sort of thing, can always use AA or Atarimania for comparisons...

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We all know you "secretly" supply Hozer, Happiest, etc. with your boards. :rolling:


Hozer has his own boards and I don't sell these. The only two people are Albert (he stopped using them a couple years ago) and Shawn. I talked to Al, he didn't make this. Both of us don't use these types of capacitors. I somehow doubt Shawn is supplying him, plus Shawn never gets more than a handfull of them anyway. This is most bizarre to me. I wonder if someone managed to steal them from my manufacturer in China. Although I kind of doubt that too, I've accidentally ordered a wrong part number from them and they told me that it doesn't belong to me immediately. :???:

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Oh and before someone cries "stop pretending, that is not your PCB" or some other BS. Here are some prepped boards for Arkyology...




Oh! This is interesting. I have been following the Arkyology thread and wondered where that project was heading. Didn't know if a ROM would be readily available or if it was making its way onto cart at some point. Should we be expecting to see this game on the AtariAge store in the near future? If so, roughly when?

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That looks like a happiestseller repro, the font is wrong. What I want to know is, where did that guy get one of my circuit boards from. :?

I wouldn't be surprised if the board is made from China. They can make anything with just a picture or sample. I know folks that take a lot of things over to China for reproduction.


Edit: Nevermind, I should have read the whole thread before posting.

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