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AtariNet binaries available for download!


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Thanks to everyone who supported the cartridge release. Now that the official cart is sold out, I'm releasing the .ROM and .XEX images to the public domain:






I always wanted to make a Netwalk clone for the Atari, and now I don't have to. It's great! Tried it under emulator w/ keyboard control, but look forward to trying it out on one of my XLs with an ST mouse. ;) Thanks!

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Didn't I make music for that?


OMG. I just dug up the code I had going in TurboBASIC XL (wow, I assume with lots of help, I got SuperIRG mode going under TBXL) and there it is!

Attached is a mockup image I made in The GIMP showing how the SuperIRG graphics would look, as well as a shot from Atari800 of the test program from ?? years ago.


So, uh, hey... Gem Drop Deluxe needs music... I think what you composed would fit, since it's also a puzzle game. Would you mind? :) (Assuming I can figure out how to get it working under cc65)



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Great job, James. thanks for making this available. Are there not going to be any more cart runs?




No. The cart release was a limited issue more or less geared towards using up my parts while satisfying the needs of die-hard cartridge fans out there (like myself).

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