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Playing both ends of a xonox?


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I got my first xonox double-ender in the mail the other day (Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot). Since my brother was around, I decided to show it off a bit. As I was explaining the concept, he asked a question that I'm genuinely curious about now.


If you could somehow set things up to have 2 Ataris, one plugged into each end of the cart, could you run both games at the same time? I have no idea how the inside of the double-enders are set up, so I don't know if there's some shared circuitry that would prevent someone from doing this. Has anyone ever tried?

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You could do it. The circuit boards are separate inside the shell. It's more of a problem trying to keep the 2 Atari's stable like this. You'd probably want to use joystick extender cables to not jiggle the units, and you'd probably would have the 2600's lying on their side. You'll also have to gently use the reset switches, etc...

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There are 2 completely separate PCBs in there, so yes, it would work. You would probably have to disassemble the 2 Ataris and use just the guts, and even then you might not be able to do it without them physically interfering with each other, because of the angles involved.


Edit: You could do it with two 2600 Juniors as-is, because a cartridge inserted in one of those points straight up instead of being angled toward you.

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