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Your favorite Halloween based video games?

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As we know the month of October brings one thing to your mind. Halloween, haunted houses, hayrides, and fall season. What games do you really enjoy playing during this time of the year? As for me I have a bunch. I enjoy the Castlevania series of course. The original is a true classic, Simon's Quest delivers a great RPG style adventure, and Dracula's Curse is my favorite of the series and my second all time favorite NES game. Castlevania 4 is another outstanding one. Splatterhouse on the TG-16 would be considered my favorite to play during this time of the year. It is an outstanding port of the arcade version, it truly is a Halloween themed game, and the haunting music and soundtrack really deliver. And for pre crash. I have to go with Haunted House for the 2600. It is best played with the lights out and truly gives an eerie experience. Share with us on which are your favorites?

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Transylvania for the Apple, or Atari 8 bit.


So, Transylvania is a graphic text adventure. This is the one I usually recommend to people if they have never played this style of game. It has a spooky werewolf, a vampire, a goblin... all of the halloween stuff. This was my favorite computer game growing up, and I think it's one of the best graphic text adventures.


Don't watch too much... Spoilers!


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I wrote a blog on this topic a couple years back; I still love all the games I talked about in that post, especially around Halloween (which for me is Oct.1-Thanksgiving :-D ). Although I can't get into Cauldron as much.

But this year (aka the last couple of weeks) I've been playing a lot of Ghosts 'n' Goblins on Commodore 64.

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