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Looking for some original manuals...


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Anyone have an original manual for TI Trek they want to get rid of? IIRC, it is the standard brown/orange manual that came with most TI Disk software. I seem to remember having it at one point but it has gotten lost over the multiple moves.



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All I have is a 8 1/2 x 11 badly photo-copied printout set of instructions... and it's a different version; it doesn't match the WHT Tech scanned copy.


Actually, it's a bit better because it offers a backstory that's fairly original compared to the original Trek games. The stars become magnetic "mines" that are designed to destroy the warp coordinate system, placed by militant enemy star systems that dislike how much traffic the player's home star system is enjoying. The enemy ships are "drones" that are guarding the mines, and the time limit reflects how long before all the mines blow up.

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Might as well add a few more I'm looking for here... We'll go alphabetically. :)




Today's listing, 4-D


-4A Flyer




-Beginning Grammar



-Championship Baseball

-Computer War

-Connect Four

-Disk Fixer

-Disk Manager 2

-Driving Demon




Let me know if you have these for trade or sale... Tomorrow I will post E-H.




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In addition to the manuals, I am also seeking original Funware boxes and instruction cards.


Here is what I seek:


Ambulance (inst)

Driving Demon (inst/box)

Henhouse (inst/box)

Rabbit Trail (box)

St. Nick (inst/box)

Video Vegas (inst/box)


Will pay dollars for these. Also have some crap for trade... Navarrone Widgit, carts, manuals, a TI console, docs, etc.


These are important to me... I will acquire them all, if I have to fight dragons. ;)

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