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atari2600land's Blog - Mr. Ultra enters the castle


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I'm working on what I hope to be level 7 of Mr. Ultra. I say that because if I finish this and have room for one more level, I will put it in. If not, then this will be the final level. I've decided since I can't think of any other movements for the enemies, then I should limit myself to 32k anyway since I don't know of any other levels I can plan, except I would need one more if there is room for it. I guess I don't really care either way since a few people who tried my game out said it's very simplistic and reminds them of an Atari 2600 game. I'd like to see them try to do what I did. Well, anyway, I guess this first game at least serves its purpose: to be a new Game Gear game. I guess my second Game Gear game, if I decide to do one, will be yet another version of GoSub. Because it needs to be on every single 8-bit system ever made. But if I'm having this much trouble mastering the Game Gear/Master System programming basics, I doubt I will ever make an NES version. Here is a picture of the Cool Castle.

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