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42 Differnt Consoles hooked up to 1 TV and 25 Hand Helds.

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This a few pictures of my set up. I have a 52" 1080p Philips TV. All of the systems have two original controllers. Most of the systems controllers have 6 foot extension cables. The stands are IKEA KALLAX shelves I measured the back, went to home depot had them cut a piece of wood, painted it black, nailed it on the shelves, and drilled 1” holes for the cables to go through. Then behind the shelves is two Tripp Lite 24 outlet 72" power strips, three 3-Way AV splitters, and two 8-Way Coaxial splitters. The three clear / black shelves hold all my hand held systems and chargers. All the systems are hooked up to the TV. Here is a list of everything:


Consoles 42:

Atari 1050 Floppy Drive

Atari 130XE

Atari 2600

Atari 5200

Atari 7800

Atari Jaguar




Gameboy (Through GameCube Gameboy Adapter)

Gameboy Color (Through GameCube Gameboy Adapter)

Gameboy Advance (Through GameCube Gameboy Adapter)


Intellivision 2


Magnavox Odyssey

Magnavox Odyssey 2

Neo Geo AES

Neo Geo MVS (Through MVS to AES Conveter)



Famicom (Through Nintendo to Famicom Adapter)

Panasonic FZ-10 R.E.A.L. 3DO

Play Station 2

Play Station 1 (Through Play Station 2)

Play Station 3

Play Station 4

Sega 32x

Sega CD

Sega Dreamcast

Sega Genesis

Sega Master System

Sega Saturn

Super Nintendo

Super Famicom (Through moded Super Nintendo)

TurboGrafx-16 PC Engine


Wii U

Wii (Through Wii U)

Xbox 360

Xbox One

Xbox Original (Through Xbox 360)


Hand Held 25:


DS (Through 3DS)


Atari Lynx

Atari Touch Me Dedicated System

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Color (Through Game Boy Advance)

Game Boy (Through Game Boy Advance)

Neo geo Pocket Color

Neo geo Pocket (Through Neo geo Pocket Color)

NVidia Shield

PS One with screen

PSP 3000 x2

PS Vita x2

Retro Duo Portable

Super Nintendo (Through Retro Duo Portable)

Nintendo (Through Retro Duo Portable)

Super Famicom (Through Retro Duo Portable)

Faimcom (Through Retro Duo Portable and Nintendo to Famicom Adapter)

Sega Game Gear

Sega nomad

Turbo Express

Virtual Boy

Wonderswan Color

Wonderswan (Through Wonderswan Color)



Top left corner the three clear / black bins is where I keep my hand helds / chargers, and this photo also shows the 42 Consoles:



Video Games, 2-Way Xbox 360 Charger, 2-Way PS3 Charger, and Rob:



Video Games, and Virtual Boy:



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