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I don't know why it's been happening, but lately when I stick a Game Gear cart in the slot and power it on, it doesn't want to work. So I usually take the cart out and put it back in and then it will work. I guess it's just not in all the way or something. How odd. I said before getting a Game Gear Everdrive will not be the end of my game collecting. I just bought Kawasaki and Gear Works earlier this morning. And I wanted to exercise which is rare, so I go to play basketball and when i'm done, my right arm started hurting. It's been this way for two days now and it really irritates me when I lay down and position my arm that starts hurting. It doesn't hurt if I don't move it, but if I move it, it begins hurting. I lay down on my right side of my body since the right side of my head hurts a little constantly and it seems that if I lay on it, it feels better. I am just one big hurting mess. I got the Dreamcast out and played some Maximum Pool yesterday. It irked me at times because the game wouldn't let me move the cue stick a couple times so I had to shoot at balls that I wasn't supposed to shoot at. Luckily, I was controlling both players, but still it sucked. If I could ever figure out how to make a Dreamcast game, I would. I would make a sudoku game. With Ken-Doku, with that puzzle I posted in the off-topic forum that nobody cares about even though I spent hours on it. I haven't been in a very good mood lately. I guess it's because my arm starts hurting whenever I move it. Either that or I want more expensive Dreamcast games.

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