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Moon Patrol prototype maybe 8 bit


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I was at the Oakland Flee Market about 3 months ago and picked up a bag of loose 2600, nintendo and some 8 bit carts. Not really looking at the 8 bit, they were part of the package. I normally do not collect them. I just started to sort them an notices one did not have a name, but it did say Moon Patrol EPROM Cartridge 11-30-83 on the back of it. I'm guessing it's a prototype. Let me know what you think.










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I finally got an Atari 400 to play this Loaner cart :)

I'm not too familiar with what the 5200 looks like.

The color did shift from the completion of the first round to the next round.

It had the rocket ship, tank eating flowers, mines, the hill with rolling boulders. I'm guessing everything.

I did run through the game 4 time and have to admit I got the Atari thumb!


One thing it did was start to play automatically? Not sure if this is part of the 5200. Anyways, until next find!






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Do you have a programmer you can dump the EPROMs with?


With that we can compare against known releases for the definitive answer to if the code is any different.


If not, you could probably fudge it by removing the HI ROM so the computer can boot to DOS then save memory from $8000 to $9FFF, and repeat with the HI ROM in the LO socket.


We can re-create the ROM image from those 2 files.

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