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Classic-Computing 2016

Stefan Both

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Dear all,

I don' t know exactly how to start.
I'm a member of Classic-Computing.de
We have a main event each year. You may already guess the name...
Classic Computing 2015, 16, 17 ...

In 2016, we really let it rumble. Like 10 years before,
the location is Nordhorn. A city with 55.000 residents
NEXT to the dutch border.
But the guest list is much more impressive.
I'd like to invite also all available sellers of "old" no...
let's say hard ware for classic computers.

Some universities / high schools already confirmed, as well as
the (famous) CCC (Chaos Computer Club).
I also invited computer clubs all over europe. (ABBUC, GAG, etc)
1100sqm have to be filled ;-)
Different people, even computer museums, all over europe...
Selling is alowed by regulatory agency.
... so far so good ...

Well, AtariAge is a forum. "Just" a forum ;) not an association.

But is there a "hard core" of people/members,
that are willing to come?

I appended a exhibition portfolio, I normally use to open doors

of administrations. It should give you an good overview.

Any suggestions / questions welcome.




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Floorplan Classic-computing


1100 square meters

135 tables

18 clubs/sellers/institutions

60 private exhibitors


have a look at:



Apparently you have to be logged in as a forum member to read this? I just got a red stop sign :-/

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Apparently you have to be logged in as a forum member to read this? I just got a red stop sign :-/

Uuups sorry. The fault is, the file was updated, got a new name by the System

and " does not longer exist ". Sorry, here is the

new one.



I did this to be able to admin the floorplan...

the first try went wrong however...



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It took me way too much time and involved downloading a 1.5 MB PDF in order to determine when your event takes place. Now I know it is on September 17-18.


It doesn't say anything about entrance fee, so I'll presume it is free admittance. Unfortunately I'm busy that weekend, so I can't go anyhow.

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I've flown to Germany and England before to participate in similar events, so it is not entirely unthinkable. Actually I might one day pay you a visit, if it works out for me. The same goes about the VCFe in Munich, which usually takes place at the least comfortable dates for my other activities.


Perhaps it is mainly me, but I always try to answer the five questions what, why, when, where, how. However I've noticed several time that event and concert arrangers are so self aware about the answers to those questions, that they simply forget to answer them. In that respect, perhaps an outsider who knows nothing should be recruited to advertise events as they will have to seek the information first.

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