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different fix button 4 vectrex controller


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Common problem at the vectrex controller: button 4 is not working.


3 things what can cause this problem:


dirty contacts rubber pad and circuitboard

Worn out rubber pad

cracked circuitboard


In my situation: the circuitboard cracked in the middle including the circuit.


the fix


- Gently remove the overlay sticker ( use a hairdryer and take your time )

- Remove the screws

- Open the controller and unscrew the circuitboard

- Clean contacts of rubber pad and circuit board with some alcohol


* now the tricky part! *


- Picture 2 is showing the crack and fix ( see the crack in the middle of the circuit circle )

- Heat up a soldering iron and gently wipe some solder on the tip of the iron ( not too much! )

- Heat up the circuit circle a little bit where it cracked and then wipe the solder over the crack.

- If done correctly the crack has been fixed, now we are going to fortify this spot

- Ad some glue over the crack ( front + back of circuit board but only on the board, not circuit! )

- after drying stick some tape at the back and fold a little over the board.

* Also you can place a tiny screw at the side of the board ( there is a small hole ) to give more strength




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