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Hello friends,

After about 2 months, I turned on my TI-99/4A. Luckily it still works like a charm. I’ve been almost completely absent, and only read the sad news about Gazoo. :(

Reason for being absent is due to my bad health. I’m suffering from a disease which causes my lungs to be working for 20%, which logically results into very little energy to do anything, including hobby.

From now on I’m at home again, and I’ll sparsely try to participate here on the forum, and push some electrons through my beloved TI-99/4A. :)

I hope to be able to:
• help a forum friend to fix some jobs we’d intended;
• work a little on my game SIMON;
• work on MARC-3, my TMS9995 based homebrew computer.

So I’ll probably be quiet, but present, most of the time.

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Dexter Instruments MyARC-3 :)


Maybe a longer-termed project?





LOL! Well, MARC stands for my rl first name "Marco", and as the acronym for "My Adorable Retro Computer".


I hope not too long, because I'd also like to program for it. :)

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