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Speaking of getting domain names back...


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I never got to do a lot with it, but my site, orphantech.com, was up a few years ago. It had some reviews and screenshots of TI games, and it was going to be an information source for my various TI programming projects.


When I found myself running out of TI time, the site went by the wayside, and I let the domain name lapse. I thought it was gone forever...


But I just randomly checked it today, and it was available again! And now it's all mine again.


This calls for a celebration... or at least a sneak preview of something I'm uploading tomorrow. ;)





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I broke my new rule of not putting anything up till it was finished any more. But it's REALLY close. The game is playable now, but one of the eight "power ups" still needs coded, and I need to finish the instruction screens and tweak the scoring system. My goal is to have it up tomorrow night for everyone to check out.

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