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Sketch up renders of Inty III and Intellivoice II


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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but have been into all things console gaming since 1980. Starting with Intellivision 1 and Atari VCS light sixer.


Anyway, I've been playing around in Sketch up and knocked up these 3D models of the mythical Intellivision III using the recent rare brochure pages that were posted here recently as a reference. And an Intellivoice II, as we know it was never produced.. Also a model of what an Inty II, ECS, Intyvoice II and system changer would have looked like all linked up. I do wonder what the coloured buttons would have been for on the Inty III. The 3D models look much better than these frame grabs. I don't own an Inty II or ECS yet as they were not sold here in the UK. I will have them soon though.Voice%202.jpgin%20line.jpgVoice%201.jpgiNT3%20a.jpg.



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The choo-choo train looks really nice with everything connected like that.


It is too bad that they never released that version of Intellivoice.


Another member and I are starting to gather the electrical components for a new Intellivoice project and if this concept works, we can probably make a board for a new Intellivoice II if someone can 3D print a case for it.

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Any progress on Intellivoice II shell? I would buy decent looking shell to swap my ugly brown one with.


Mattel didn't even bother to make Intellivoice look like it belongs to brown Intellivision. Plus I prefer Inty 2 for smaller and better look. Non black console was rare back in the day.

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