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ColecoVision Flashback Upgrade Service

Byte Knight

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Byte Knight -- would the Intellivision Flashback controllers work with this as well? For Intellivision games, of course. I have a zillion things that can do emulation, but the Flashback is nice because of its replica controllers.


Yes, the Intellivision FB controllers work great with the system - that's what I use to play Intellivision games. They actually work pretty well for the CV games too!

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The flashbacks have cheap cases that are pretty boring. Why not put a Raspberry Pi in an original ColecoVision case where the ColecoVision is broken beyond repair, but the case is in good condition?


pboland's CVFB decal upgrade makes the case look pretty sweet.


I've revived dead Intellivision's with Raspberry Pi's, but I don't have any gravely ill CV's around here to save...

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My quick review of ‘The Ultimate ColecoVision Flashback” and “The Ultimate Intellivision Flashback.”


First off I want to thank Byte Knight for being patient and answering all my questions. He is a great communicator. Also, I couldn’t believe the turn around time, I wasn’t sure if I would have them by Christmas, boy was I wrong!


Summary, both systems are fun to play. They are easy to use, but make sure to read the directions!


I highly recommend Byte Knight and both systems.


I’ve only played about an hour on each system. I didn’t have any issues, and picture quality is awesome. Love the box images on the INTV, missing on the CV.



· Byte Knight

· Easy to setup

· Easy to use

· Great picture quality

· High Quality build, I admit I had to take them apart to see what they looked like inside!

· Start up is pretty quick


Things I would changes, not necessarily Cons. They really are very minor nits.

· Would like to have a slot in the side to get to the mSD, can’t get to it even if you open system. Probably not a big deal for most people. I will probably add a slot myself. I’m guessing BK would have added one if I asked.

· Box images for CV, I think BK is looking into this. Once he starts adding them to his builds I’m guessing it will be easy to add to existing setups.

· Would be cool to have overlays for the Controls/Menu System. I have a bad memory!


If you want a fun, easy to use, great quality picture, etc then these are for you. I don’t care for the CVF controller so I use a real CV controller; the INTV controller seems to work fine.


If you are on the fence, I recommend getting one or both of these as who knows how long BK will offer them. I was originally going to do it myself, but I have so many other things I’m going to do I would never have gotten to it. Also, the build quality would not even be close to BK’s.



Cross posted to the Intellivision Flashback Upgrade Service thread

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I'd like to add box art to the Ultimate CV FB game selection menu as with the Intellivision version:


attachicon.gifINTV FB New Look Screen Shot 12:19:15, 10.20 PM.png

Does anyone have a zip file that contains all the CV box art?

I can get you that (pm me), or you can manually get it from my site cvaddict.com



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Hey Byte Knight! I saw Willie's YT review. He was using a Genesis controller there. Are they still usable just not supported anymore, or not usable at all? Thanks!

Yes - you can use Genesis controllers again! The latest firmware for the UPCI supports Genesis controllers and all of the controllers listed below. You'll need a CV or CV FB controller plugged into the player2 port for the keypad functions if you're not using a CV / CV FB controller in the player1 port.


• Original Intellivision controllers (with dongle), Intellivision 2 controllers, Sears Arcade controllers, Intellivision Flashback controllers, Intellivision ECS Keyboard, and Intellivision Piano/Synthesizer


• Original Colecovision controllers, Coleco Super Action controllers with spinner support, Coleco Steering Wheel, Coleco Rollerball, and Colecovision Flashback controllers,


• the Atari 2600 joystick, 2600 keypad (older firmware), 2600 driving controller (paddles NOT supported)


• the Atari 7800 Proline joysticks


• the Fairchild Channel F joysticks


• the Genesis 3/6 controllers


• the Magnavox Odyssey 2000 joysticks


• the Sega Master System compatible joysticks


• the TI-99 joysticks

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I got my Ultimate CV flashback back from Byte Knight last Wednesday. I finally got to put it through the paces. This thing is totally fantastic! It's basically ready to go. There is a slight learning curve. The video quality is great. This is what the CV flashback should have been. For those trying to find a good working Colecovision and can't. This is the route to go. I think you can still get the CV flashback on Amazon. If you were like me and got one for Christmas, 2 years ago, and was highly disapointed. Dig that sucker out and send it to Byte Knight and get the real deal. :-D I'm using a mini wireless USB keyboard on the unit and it works good. You may want to upgrade the CV flashback power supply to a better one. It came with a 5v 500mA power supply. I put on a 5v 1000mA. The mini wireless USB keyboard you can buy on ebay or Amazon for under 15 bucks, China express. I put on a few pics of the keyboard. The Colecovision Expansion module #2 worked without a hitch. Steering was good on Turbo. The thing I liked about this is the picture quality. With HDMI output. Mine is hooked up to a 55" Vizio hi-def 1080p tv. Ladybug is now easier to play :-o Miner 2049er better! Anyway that's my review of the Ultimate CV flashback. My advice. SEND IN YOUR JUNKY CV FLASHBACK UNIT, AND GET IT DONE!!



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Quick update - due to the increased cost of Raspberry Pi 2's, I'm now using RPi 3's and will include a beefed-up 2A power supply with the upgrades as the stock FB power supply is too wimpy for the RPi 3. The only other advantage of using the RPi 3's is that you can use a wireless keyboard with it, as it has Bluetooth built-in. The first post of this thread has been updated as well.

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