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Blitter and rb+ help


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If your not using the test raptor.o I sent you it'll be raptor using the blitter in the vbi.


The new version does a mutex check and drops to using a cpu if the blitter is active.

is this the one no one is testing so you haven't released it yet with the new list variables?

if so i need a copy at some point to update the list editor to support the new list additions

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The B_COUNT register should be rewritten before each B_CMD, because the B_COUNT is directly used by the blitter : at the end of the blitt, it's value is [0;0]


A1_PIXELs and A2_PIXEL registers are also directly used by the blitter : at the end of the blitt, those register reflects the next [X;Y] pixel coordinate to read and write.

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