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What I can tell so far,its a Sears telegame system with 4 joysticks,and four paddles.Woodgrain on the front,6 switches(havent seen if it still works)original instructions that came with it.Couldn't find the game that it shows on the box,but the cartidges that are with it,all in the box but they're not mint by any stretch,and some are Sears versions: Pac-man,asteriods,donkey-kong,galaga,etc and some game catalogs.Ill post some pictures when I find my camera.

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Just to say,this is NOT an attempt to drive up prices on what I have.Long story short,I dont have a job,so I wont be able to do the shipping costs.The system and the games aren't going anywhere,except back in their closet where I found them.So keep me in mind if you see something you want,but don't let it stop you from looking elsewhere,because I don't know how long it'll be.

Thank you

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Maybe as an Australian we have a different postal system. Because I don't understand why shipping costs would stop you from selling something? Don't you just calculate shillings costs online and then add it to what you want to sell your item for? If someone wants to pay that amount then it is sold. Or am I missing something?

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