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Complete Noob to ST


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Part of the question also is what are you looking to spend? If I could have only had one, I probably would go Falcon or TT (plus you can use VGA monitors).


For a BBS machine, I'd probably go with a Mega STE or Falcon (can do 56k on the serial pretty easy with a Lantronix box).


For more gaming, I think people generally say 1040STE for the max compatibility.


As a guy with a lot of them, from the 520ST to a TT and a lot in between, I would say to decide what price point you're looking at. Sure, you can get great deals on anything from time to time... but that can start the process of elimination, especially since by the time this thread is done, you're going to get an overload of information and just about every ST model will be recommended at some point for some reason... ;) (Which is to be expected, they're all great for their own reasons).

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I wanted to stay as stock and inexpensive as possible

while remaining all purpose.


leaning towards an new 520STFM for $250 from Best,

with $99 factory reconditioned goldstar color monitor


and maybe in the future get a mono monitor

and the ole switch box thing.


what do you think?


oh just light gaming, emphasis on coding

and maybe desktop publishing but

probably definitely MIDI in the future...


thanks a lot, Tillek



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That monitor will most likely only display the lower two resolutions, but for gaming, that will fully suffice (there are very few "mono exclusive" games on the ST, and most of those are mediocre PD stuff), but for a start, I'd aim for a NEC Multisync 1970VX or NX. These are dirt cheap and sync to 15 kHz/50 Hz (despite this not being an official feature).


Are broadcast RGB CRTs really that expensive on your side of the pond? For a used Sony BVM 20M4E I have spent 50 Euros here in Hamburg - cash on collection though. While that was very cheap, I wouldn't spend any more than 200 for such a monitor.

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Yes, but you'll have to solder a 13 pin DIN plug (i.e. the ST monitor connector, Kenwood used the same connector for some of their car stereo equipment, but they are still quite expensive on your side of the pond) to VGA cable with a 4x switch - which is necessary to switch between mono and colour modes:



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I am also a noob and got the best cable and the NEC monitor. The monitor displays primary colors very well but in games you see banding with

In large areas of the same color. It's annoying. It does run mono, low and medium resolutions. I am borrowing my brothers Amiga monitor and it's just so small and fuzzy it gets on my nerves. I would like a modern flat crt that syncs to 15hz to avoid lcd banding.

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